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Viking Names Generator

Inspired by Norse mythology and such titanic names as Thor? Choose from 1000’s of names of Old Norse origin and uncover their Nordic backgrounds and interesting meanings!

Viking Names Generator

In the ancient days, particularly between the 8th and 11th century, much of Europe including parts of Asia and North Africa were traded with and ravaged by the Vikings, that is, the Norse people who are also known as the modern Scandinavians.
Many existing facts regarding the Vikings are misconstrued, notably the assumed certainty that they wore horned helmets which they didn’t. However, their way of lives extends from savage barbarians to more civilized humans across various opinions.
Talking about the Vikings names, Vikings in contrast to many of us in the modern times didn’t use the last name; rather they refer to individuals as the son of or daughter of instead of a real name. This is the reason why all of their names end in son (son of) or (daughter of). For instance, this is precisely the same as the son in the contemporary names as Michaelson.
People are not only searching for suitable Vikings names for their creatures but also for their children. Possibly because Norway is distinct as the happiest nation on the planet or the popular tradition in vogue presently that handles on Viking matters.
In Scandinavia, many of these are found very often and are still popular

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This name generator will create ten variable Viking names.

To get started, you can just click on the button to create ten unique names, but if you don’t like the name provided in the first instance, you can click on the button again to generate another ten new random names

Male viking names

Female viking names

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Viking Names Generator
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